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Selected Articles

“Are late dinners making us sick? [Salon, 2022]

“What if we just buy off Big Fossil Fuel? [CounterPunch, 2018]

“5,000 to 1! [Slate, 2016]

“Bernie Sanders can’t win?” [Columbia Journalism Review, 2015]

“The Rise of Big Generic” [Truthout, 2015]

“Starving Your Way to Vigor” [H​arper’s, 2012]

“Un ayunador no es un muerto de hambre” [Etiqueta Negra, 2012]

(Spanish version of “Starving Your Way to Vigor”) 

“The Empty Stomach: Fasting to Beat Jet Lag” [H​arper’s, 2012]

“Promised Land” [Orion, 2005]

“The Singer” [DoubleTake, 2000]


Book Reviews

“Doctor of Death and Deceit” [Washington Post, 2011]

“History’s few originals” [San Francisco Chronicle, 2004]

“Brown and Out” [Grist, 2004]

“Crossing the line—a risky journey of hope” [San Francisco Chronicle, 2004]

“Blinded by the rockets’ red glare” [San Francisco Chronicle, 2004]


“The Conflicted Legacy of Dennis Banks” [CounterPunch, 2017]

“Trumps Decent Willing Executioners, Liberally Explained” [CounterPunch, 2016]

“Hillary Clinton and the Northern Strategy” [CounterPunch, 2016]

“Come Again? Second Thoughts on Ashley Madison” [CounterPunch, 2015]

“Will FIFAs World Cup Sexism Ever Die?” [CounterPunch, 2015]

“Smeared again: The mainstream media v. Bernie Sanders” [Boulder Weekly, 2015]

“The Ghost of Anna Mae” [CounterPunch, 2014]

“Climate Devastation, Anyone?” [Salon, 2013]

“Panama Nails a CIA Torture Capo” [CounterPunch, 2013]

“More Torture, Please” [CounterPunch and History News Network, 2010]

“Thanksgiving We Can Believe In” [CounterPunch and Common Dreams, 2008]

“Unquiet Eternities” [Jesus’ General, 2007]

“Little Bighorn memorial a mixed symbol at best” [Denver Post, 2003]

“Fleece or Flannel?” [Boston Globe, 1998]

Comedic Reading

“Pseudo-Feminist Men” [Performed by Lewis Black, The Rant Is Due, Denver, 2018]

Lewis Black, Pseudo-Feminist Men, The Rant is Due

Lewis Black, Pseudo-Feminist Men, The Rant is Due

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